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Why We Love Vintage Clothing

There are MANY reasons to love vintage clothing. Here are some of our favorites!

Vintage Clothing is Sustainable

Over the past 2 decades, fast fashion has caused clothing production and consumption to double - yet the consumer only keeps clothing half as long!

100 billion pieces of clothing are currently produced annually. 60% of these make their way to the landfill within 3 years.

Vintage offers a great way to break the cycle by giving garments a second life via reuse and longevity.

Vintage Clothing is Better Quality

The quality standards of yesterday's garment construction were far better than the standards of today. Vintage was crafted with utility and longevity in mind.

The quick, cheap, and easy sale is what drives fast fashion.

How Old is Vintage Clothing?

The industry standard is 20 years - the minimum age a piece must be to wear the title of vintage. Anything less may be described in a number of ways, but definitely not vintage.

Vintage Clothing is Unique

Ultimately, vintage clothing is unique. Each piece is a survivor that has stood the test of time. Each tends to be one of a kind, with an interesting story that makes up its life - just like you!

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